Artist Natalia Shevchenko (she paints under the pseudonym of NATAN) was born December 4th, in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg). She is a member of Russian Union of Creative Artists.

She earned a merit award in IV International Artists Contest WORLD. ENERGY. MAN in Astana.

Paintings of NATAN have been bought and/or exposed by several Russian and foreign Museum and institutions including:

National Museum of Republic of Kazakstan, Russian Embassy in Rome, Rachmaninov Museum, the Vladimir Fine Arts Centre, Museum of Kazakstan Republics First President, Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet in Saratov, National Sports Museum, Pushkins Museum, Theatre of Opera and Ballet of Baskirias Republic, Russian Embassy in Luxemburg, Tenishev Museum in Smolensk, Culture Centre Ozerov, Art Gallery of Republic of Adighezia, Tobolsks Cremlin, Shemanovskys Museum (Jamalo-Nenec), Museum of Fine Art in Stavropol, Astrackans Cremlin, Art Gallery in Savitski, Penza, Museum Palmov of Kalmuks Republic, Theatre of Opera and Ballet in Samara, Arts Museum in Tula.


II IV ".." ., 2016.

II V " - ", 2018.